Saturday, 29 October 2011

Back in the saddle again...or something!

Yes, it's been quite a long while since I've had something interesting to say, but I've been off getting an education, which is pretty time-filling, let me tell you. By the end of May 2012, Goddess willing, my time will be completely my own again.

However...I work one day a week at Goldstraws the loveliest little shop in Warwick (home of the fabulous Warwick Castle). My jewellery and lampwork has been selling there for some time as well. Now...something completely different - wool fruit! I've been making these for myself and have received quite a few compliments. So starting tomorrow, 30 October, the first fruits are for sale at Goldstraws (their new website is pending), which has just moved to the market place in Warwick, facing the charming Rose and Crown pub where you can get free toast with your morning coffee. Goldstraws opens at 11AM of a Sunday, you know where you can find me from about 10AM. And Alun too, it's our Sunday morning date.

We have new broadband and the ancient steam-driven Mac G3 that is the resting place of my website will not speak with the new system. So until I have the time and the skill and the new software to build a new site this blog will be my main internet home. Lots more to come, wool fruit and all!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Studio news...

Spring has sprung (again), dear step-son's 12 hour piano marathon is over (fantastic day!), and there are no lectures until the beginning of May (yea! But a 3000 word paper to write...). There are baby vegetable plants in peat pots and propagators all over the house. Creativity has been nibbling at the corners of my mind and it's time to turf out the studio and do something creative. So I am...tomorrow. (Goldstraws and the Census are taking up all of today.)

I have tons of silver beads that I never use, so if you get lucky they will be sorted, weighed, packaged and offered for sale in my Etsy shop. Soon. Along with some funky vintage dolls that I've come across. Watch this space, stuff will be happening...soon.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thinking about tap dancing...

Lately I've been thinking (very gently) about tap dancing again (very gently). For inspiration: consider Brenda Bufalino, who I saw dance at Theater Fletch Bizzel in Dortmund, Germany, in...oh...about 1995. Fantastic woman...

Thursday, 17 March 2011

So much is happening...

Besides being a full-time Speech and Language Therapy student, I am also a lampwork glass designer and teacher, though my output has been quite small the last year or so. With the better weather on the way (all the better to have the windows open to supplement the ventilation system), I have been itching to melt some glass. It will happen soon!

Now...if I can just find time to do some painting and drawing, bash out a jolly tune on my autoharp and ukulele, plant the rest of my vegetable seeds, and finally learn to knit, my life will be complete! Lots to come, watch this space.

If you want to see some of my glass work, do have a look at my website (long overdue for some new content!);

Or you can find lovely, lovely things here: